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Corbyn Shields

Teachers - Physical Education

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This is my second year at BGS. I look forward to continuing the growth of athletics at our school and striving to get a banner up in our gym! Things will continue to evolve and improve now that we have a year under our belt and an understanding of what needs to be done to improve our physical education and athletic programs. I am open to many new ideas and programs so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or opportunities for our students!

This past summer I got married to my wife who is also a teacher! We were able to travel to Halifax and the Dominican Republic as we are both fortunate enough to have our summers off. For schooling, I completed my education degree in the USA as I was lucky enough to attend University down there and compete in the NCAA for baseball. I have a huge passion for athletics, and look forward to sharing that with all of the students at our school.

Hope to see all of you either on the court/field or in the bleachers!