Principal's Message

Welcome to Bowden Grandview School

It is my great honour to be principal of this dynamic K to 12 school. There are so many fantastic things that happen within these walls that focus on our school goals of literacy, master learning, inclusiveness, and wellness. The idea of a kindergarten to grade 12 school is unique in our opportunity to bring our whole community together. The interactions between our older students and our younger students highlight our focus on community and family. As adults we are able to have a hand in the academic and social development of our students from the time the enter our school at five years to when they leave ready to challenge the world at 18 years. Within those years we build on the strengths and support the challenges of all of our students. Our promise as educators is the collective responsibility that we have for the growth of our students. It is a promise we take very seriously and with the great partnership we have with our community families we are able to, “engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them”.

Mr. Jeff Thompson