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School Fees

What are school fees used for?

School fees help us provide services for students that other sources of funding don’t cover. Funding from the government provides for most educational items such as teachers and staff members, classrooms, facilities and some technology. School fees help offset some costs for items such as photocopying, certain classroom supplies, library materials, certain phys. ed. equipment, licenses for online resources, and basic student accident insurance for each student.


How much are school fees in Chinook’s Edge?

Kindergarten         Nil

Grades 1-6            $64

Grades 7-9            $79

Grades 10-12        $104

(This includes $1 / student for basic accident insurance and $5 / student in Grades 10-12 for Diploma Exam Materials)


Are additional fees charged for anything else?

Fees are charged at $7 per credit for Option Courses in Grades 7-12. Schools may charge fees for such items as band instrument rentals, field trips and swimming lessons. While some Alberta schools are charging fees for lunchroom supervision, Chinook’s Edge provides this service without additional fees to families. As well, Chinook’s Edge doesn’t charge textbook rentals.


How do fees charged in Chinook’s Edge compare to neighboring school divisions?

Chinook’s Edge school fees are comparable to neighboring school divisions.